Monday, April 14, 2014

Tracting Miracles

Dear Family,
This week I was on an exchange with the Cave Spring Sisters in our Zone. Sister Larkin is serving there! She and I worked in the Cave Spring area on the exchange, it was great to be with her again! Heavenly Father chucked miracles at us like we were targets in a game at the county fair! It was incredible to see His hand perfectly guiding the work,
Sister Larkin and I arrived for an appointment which was much shorter than we anticipated. We found ourselves in the area with precious time to spare before our next appointment so we said a prayer and walked to the first house our eyes latched to. We knocked on the door and a cute, young, redhead Mom named Amy answered the door and stepped onto the porch with us. She seemed very standoffish. Deep breath.

We chatted with her for a few moments about her pretty red hair and her cute baby boy balancing himself against the glass door behind her, and she began to open up! As we began to explain our purpose as missionaries and testify of the Book of Mormon, we witnessed a change in her countenance. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and told her the story of Lehi and his family, using the pictures in the front of the Book of Mormon. She suddenly exclaimed, "That is just like my family!" She explained that she and her family had moved in merely days before. They came from Kentucky where they were surrounded by many awful and difficult things. Although they did not want to move they felt that they had to leave in order to save their family. She connected perfectly with the story of Lehi.
Amy continued to illustrate an experience she had the day before. As she was driving home she found herself caught up in thinking about the wickedness of the world. Turning to Heavenly Father she simply said, "God, this is a wicked world. They will go nowhere unless they turn to you." The prayer of a desperate Mom was answered in less than 24 hours. Amy had been on the phone with her husband when she looked out the window to see us approaching. She immediately said to her husband, "There are some missionaries coming to our door. This is no chance, I know that this is a sign from God." The Spirit was powerful in our little triangle as each of us recognized the magnitude of God's work. Amy and her family are eager to take the lessons and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is once again on the earth in it's fulness. They will be an eternal family one day soon.
God's work is so much greater than we are! I know that we are never part of a beginning.
I love you!

Sister Shumway

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