Monday, April 7, 2014


C____ was baptized this week! Sister Wahlin and I smiled as we reflected upon our initial interaction with her. She was a media referral from Salt Lake City about a month and a half ago. When we arrived to contact her she swung the door open and practically yelled, "What took you so long?! I have been waiting for you!" Wow. She then told us that she never intended to quit smoking or drinking coffee. Hmm. However, she arrived at church on Sunday (four days later) and declared to us that she had quit drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes! She was baptized on Saturday March 1st and confirmed yesterday. It was a beautiful conversion to witness! 

I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives. He is anxiously engaged in assisting us unto the fulfillment of this great work He has called us to do. The Savior is anxious to come, and He has gifted us with His trust in assisting with the preparation for that great day. I know that as we do His work His way, He stands shoulder to shoulder with us, shouldering the same yoke and pulling the same load, for they are His yoke and His load. All that He requires of us is to simply scoot over and make room for His loving and perfect assistance. 

The only thing that we have to ourselves is our will. I know that as we follow Crystal's example in giving our will up to the Lord, we become His. Then can we truly see His image in our countenance. 

Sister Shumway 

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