Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miracles & a Transfer

Dear Family,
Miracles have bombarded us like manna raining from the sky!
C_____ (the one we tracted into who had met missionaries in jail) is progressing rapidly! He reads the Book of Mormon every day and always finds a new favorite scripture. His favorite scripture story is of Nephi returning to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plate from Laban. His testimony has sprouted and blossomed very quickly and his conversion to the gospel and to his Savior is remarkably sincere. Sister Canova and I ordered a quad of scriptures with his name on it and he has not put them down since he first held them! On Sunday C_____ arrived at church clutching his new scriptures and wearing a full suit, white shirt, classy tie and shiny dress shoes ~ a member of our ward had generously given him all of it! Because of certain circumstances he will not be baptized until June next year, but he is already part of the Ward. He has a powerful testimony and he cannot wait for his baptism next year! I know that the Lord is pleased with C_____ sincerity in coming unto Christ wholeheartedly. It has been a marvelous conversion to witness!
Meet another family: We met the wife/mother three months ago and began teaching her about the Book of Mormon. Soon her son  began piping in on the lessons and they began to progress rapidly together toward baptism. Within a month and a half we met her husband, and invited him to learn about the gospel with his family. He began reading the Book of Mormon and progressing rapidly as well. Last week as we were reviewing the Plan of Salvation, another young son pulled up a chair and joined us. As we asked him questions we realized that he had been listening to all of the lessons we have been teaching his family! He has been hiding behind the couch or around the corner where we could not see him, but he has listened to everything we taught! He already knew the Plan of Salvation and he had been waiting for us to give him a Book of Mormon! The entire family is progressing wonderfully toward their baptism at the end of May. The Lord has been preparing their hearts. 

Tomorrow I will nestle into a Shum-bus (known in the mission field as the "Transfer Train") with many other missionaries and we will make our way to Charleston for transfers. From there I will take the Transfer Train up to ... (drum role please...) FAIRMONT WV!! Six months ago Sister Williams and I opened the Sisters area in Fairmont and tomorrow I will be returning to serve with my MTC companion Siser Herzog! We will be the Sister Training Leaders of the Morgantown and Clarksburg Zones in Northern West Virginia.

Vinton/Roanoke has been a marvelous area! I have worked harder and taught more here than ever before! When I arrived in this area four months ago we had one investigator. Now we have countless investigators and six of them are on date to be baptized at the end of this month! We have been finding and teaching families who are prepared for the gospel and who love the Lord. This area has transformed and flourished under the direction of the Lord and the Ward. It has been marvelous to work and witness the Lord's work hastening His way. Fairmont will be wonderful, I am thankful for the opportunity to go back to that incredible area!
The Lord is truly aware of details. This is His work! As we surrender our will to Him, especially concerning the details, and allow His will to be done, we will find never ending fountains of joy, bubbling and gurgling into waterfalls that spread into an eternity of rivers, lakes and oceans. We will find joy unto a fullness of it. We will be filled with Christlike love, even charity, for the sacred privilege we have to declare the gospel to our neighbors, friends and family. The Lord's mission plan for each of His children is this: invite. And by His power that invitation becomes eternal.
I love you!
Sister Shumway

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