Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Mom & Dad

This week has been marvelous! The man we tracted into last week who yelled "It's the Mormons!" Is progressing toward baptism!! I love tracting! Miracles happen when you do the Lord's work in faith :) He is soaking up the gospel, loving the ward members, loving church and the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon!

I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you. You are a rich blessing to my life because you have helped me understand the importance of an eternal family that is led by a Priesthood worthy Father and a charity filled, selfless Mother. I am thankful for the love you have expressed to us through rules and guidelines, and it helps me better understand how and why our loving Heavenly Father has given us rules and guidelines. Thank you for raising us in accordance with gospel standards, and thank you for your loving, selfless support of me as a missionary. I'm sorry I can't thank you in a greater way but I know that you understand because I am wrapped up in the Lord's work! I am thankful for you Mom and Dad!! You are a blessing and an incredible part of my life and my mission!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

your missionary daughter,
Sister Shumway, 

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