Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Family,

What a week!

Last week we took our car to the auto body shop for some repairs from an accident it was in a few months ago. The repairs were completed the next morning. We were excited to have our car back, but we soon learned that the check which was sent from Salt Lake nearly a month ago had been lost in the mail. After a few more days with no sign of the check, Salt Lake canceled it and sent a new one which we are still waiting to receive. Therefore, we have been car-less for nearly two weeks now, but do not fear! We are REAL sister missionaries! So we got our hands on a set of old bicycles. Yes, only sister missionaries ride bikes. 

We had a marvelous week on our bikes: riding to and from appointments in the beautiful sunshine, embracing the fresh breeze and cruising through Roanoke........ and then a snowstorm hit. Not any old snowstorm....... the biggest snowstorm Roanoke Virginia has seen since 1996....... and it came straight for the sisters on bikes. But we are fearless! 

It began snowing in the morning, during our studies, but that didn't scares us! At 10:00 we left the house to ride our bikes to an appointment which was only a couple miles away. As we strapped on our helmets the snow was barely dusting the ground. We mounted our bikes and headed out! The snow began to fall more rapidly as we pedaled to our destination and by the time we got there, two inches of snow had fallen. We were so caked in snow that we had to be brushed off with a broom! 

The appointment was wonderful and as we prepared to leave, our Zone Leaders sent out a text ordering everyone to go home immediately and stay inside. We shrugged, laughed, and once again strapped on our helmets and mounted our bikes. By this time the ground was thickly carpeted in a 4 inch cushion of snow. We rode home in a thick blizzard, laughing, and yes, crashing, the whole way home. We learned that 1. your fingernails will freeze just as quick as your hair will freeze and 2. yes, it is possible to fishtail on a bike. When we arrived at home there was nearly 6 inches of snow on the ground. It was a wonderful day - we love being real missionaries! 

The next day we awoke to find three feet of snow blanketing the entire city! Everything shut down and everyone was snowed in. Many people walked down the main roads of Roanoke or pulled their kids on sleds, so we got out to work! We were able to talk with many people! There was a sense of friendship among everyone as we gawked at the mountains of snow surrounding us. 

In Mosiah 23:21-22 we read that sometimes "the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea he trieth their patience and their faith" and their winter clothes. Sister Wahlin and I have loved being on bikes (especially in the snow!) and we have enjoyed not having a car! It has kept us near our home where we have been able to meet many people who have been prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have learned that there truly is a purpose in every trial, and we have witnessed great blessings from the Lord as He has provided work for us within biking distance of our house. I love the Lord and His understanding of the needs of His children. He truly does know best. When we roll with the punches of life and recognize them as punches of love, the Lord blesses us with greater understanding of opposition. Opposition is FUN. It has been a fantastic and fun two weeks! We love to work and we love to bike because we love the Lord!

Sister Shumway 

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