Monday, February 3, 2014

Late Night Miracles

Miracle miracle on the wall, which miracle should I tell y'all?!
When we do the Lord's work His way EVERYTHING is a miracle! Sister Wahlin and I have gained a sure testimony of counseling with the Lord in all things. Prayer is a vital aspect of missionary work because it allows us to understand the Lord's will; that is how we come understand how to do His work His way. So we counsel with Him in prayer. All the time. And it is fun.
On Wednesday evening we planned to tract a massive apartment complex where one of our investigators lives. It was 8:10 at night, and the long complex appeared ominous in the dark. There were very few lights but we could see miscellaneous people darting in and out of their apartments and across the parking lot. Hmm. Sketchy. BUT, we had planned to be there, so we counseled with the Lord to know where to begin knocking.

At the conclusion of our prayer, our eyes spotted a single porch light who's yellow tinted rays sliced through the chilly darkness. The light faintly dusted the outline of a sparkling wreath on the door. "Hm," we thought, "that door has a wreath on it. A nice person must live there!" So we charged from our toasty car into the beautifully brittle air and knocked firmly on the wreath adorned door. An elderly woman in her pajamas tentatively cracked the door open peered out at us suspiciously. We explained that we felt prompted to be there and that we wanted to share a message about Jesus Christ with her. She declined the invitation but she spoke with us for a few more minutes on her front step. Suddenly she swung the door open and said, "Well, why don't you come in and warm up for a minute." With cold fingers and shivering smiles on our faces we entered and sat down in her cozy living room.
As we talked with her she explained to us that she has been feeling very sad because her life has been challenged by many difficult events. She is seeking peace and happiness, and she has been looking for a church to attend that will bring her that. She tearfully testified to us that she knew it was "no chance" that we knocked on her door that night. This special woman he is on date for baptism February 28. She loves the Book of Mormon because it brings peace to her heart, and she loves learning about the gospel.
I am thankful for prayer. I am thankful for chilly nights and sketchy apartment complexes. I am thankful for Julia and I am thankful to be a missionary for the Lord. I know that He reveals His will and helps us do it His way when we counsel with Him in all things.
Sister Shumway

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