Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Dream

 We had a marvelous discussion about the restoration of the gospel with the E_____ family. Each of them were greatly involved in the lesson, and the Spirit bore powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel as F____, S____, and L___ each committed to be baptized on September 28th. We know that they are ready and that they will especially be prepared to make the covenant of baptism on that date! It was an exciting, uplifting, and very spiritual evening in the Bishop's home, and I couldn't imagine a more spiritual or joyful evening. 

Then F_____, the Father, asked  "Would you believe me if I told you I had a dream?" He then proceeded to tell us that 5 years ago he had a distinct dream about us and about each member of his family in the room. In his dream he specifically remembered Sister Williams and me teaching his family. The Spirit was powerful as he  told us about this dream. He felt the lesson we had that night was the fulfillment of that dream, and that Sister Williams and I were the exact missionaries he had seen in his dream 5 years ago.
I know that the Lord guides His servants. We are like blind little lambs who have no idea where to go or what to do, but our loving shepherd warmly comforts us, "fear not, little flock... for lo, I am with you" (D&C 6:34 and D&C 33:9). We are led by a far greater power and by a loving Father who knows and understands much more that we do. I know that as we follow Him and desire to do His will, that we will witness miracles. He does not require us to be perfect, but He requires us to be clean and to do our best, then "it is by grace... we are saved, after all we can do" (2 Nephi 25:23). The work of salvation is amazing, but it requires sacrifice. When we prayerfully understand what is required of us to put on the altar, our sacrifices and our faith are honored by the Lord as we witness miracles. This gospel is amazing, and this life is full of miracles and blessings!  
I love you!!
Sister Shumway

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