Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Miracles Abound!

Dear Family,

Last year when I was in Charleston with Sister Herring and Sister Kitto we tracted into a woman named J____ who was very excited to learn more. Because of schedule conflicts and other circumstances we only taught her once before losing contact. She has not been contacted since then. 

On Tuesday Sister Combs and I found our way to her to home once again. Our knock on her door was greeted by her enthusiastic welcome! She HAD wondered why the missionaries stopped coming by! We had a marvelous lesson with her and she is back on track! Her story is incredible.

J_____ was in a severely abusive marriage many years ago. It seemed as though each time she was beat near to death by her husband, the "Mormon missionaries" would knock on her door the following day. Although J____ could never meet with the missionaries they always seemed to come at the right time. 

After giving birth to her son, J_____ faced some severe complications with her eyes. Over a period of two weeks following her son's birth she gradually lost her sight until she was totally blind. For forty days Judy stayed in the hospital, completely blind, surrounded by doctors who could not decipher the cause of her blindness. J_____ had a friend who worked at the hospital as a nurse. The nurse knew a doctor who "was a Mormon." J____'s friend knew a little about Priesthood blessings and she offered to arrange for J____ to receive a blessing from the LDS doctor. J____ remembers the doctor, a member of the Charleston 2nd Ward, anointing her with oil and giving her a beautiful Priesthood blessing. 

Seven days later her sight was completely restored. The doctors still have to idea how it happened. What a miracle!

J____ explained that she doesn't feel quite comfortable in any of the churches she has attended, she just feels like there is more. She said, "I have seen so many miracles in my life and I know who God is but I want to know Him better... I just don't know how." We taught J_____ about covenants and ordinances that bind us to God and enable us to KNOW how to come unto Christ and return to live with God again. She is so excited to be fully engaged in coming unto Christ through the fullness of His restored gospel!  

I know that the Lord leads His servants to His elect and prepared children because this is HIS work!

I love being a missionary. This is the work of God. It is divine and it is sacred. 

I love this work, this gospel, and I love the Lord!

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