Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miracle at McDonald's

Last week Sister Whitaker and I did not have time for a lunch break so when 3:00 rolled around and we found ourselves with an unexpected additional 20 minutes, we decided to find something that would hold us over until dinner. The first idea that came to our minds (and grumbling stomachs) was a 49 cent ice cream cone at McDonald's! Yum. We re-thought that for a moment but our watering mouths prompted a powerful craving. So, 49 cent ice cream cone it was.

As we walked into McDonald's our eyes were drawn to a nearby table where the occupant's face had lit up at the sight of us. (This reaction to our presence in public is somewhat unusual.) The situation became further unusual when the young man sitting at the table called out us saying, "Hey! You're the Mormon Missionaries for this church down the road here, aren't you?!"

This young man took the missionary lessons about 9 months ago and was preparing to be baptized but suddenly he had to move away, losing contact with the church. We set up a time to meet him at the church building with some members of the Ward and sure enough, he arrived with his Book of Mormon in hand. During the lesson he expressed that as soon as he stopped coming to church 9 months ago his life once again fell into shambles. He expressed  that when he called to us at McDonald's he had been planning to take his life that afternoon. When he saw us he was reminded of the peace the gospel had brought into his life and he decided to start coming back to church to better his life instead of ending it. 

That day at McDonald's the ice cream machine was broken. 

The Lord works in marvelous ways.

I will forever be thankful for the heaven sent craving for a 49 cent ice cream cone. 

Miracles are real and this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Sister Shumway 

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