Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Strange Pets

Dear Family,

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia is DEFINITELY wild and wonderful! Thunder storms roll in, flood and rain torrentially, and roll out in a matter of 20 minutes, and the culture here in West Virginia is fantastically foreign. I LOVE it. I love doing the Lord's word here among these marvelous people.

Elizabeth is doing great! She has set a date to be baptized on July 26th! She loves the gospel with an excited energy that strengthens the faith of everyone around her.

Walker and Hayley Ice are getting baptized on Saturday! Their Dad received the Priesthood yesterday and he will be performing the ordinance. It was a beautiful experience to witness Conrad's ordination to the office of a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. Conrad received the Priesthood with a marvelous blessing and with the humble confidence of a new member of the church and a disciple of Jesus Christ. We are excited for the baptism this weekend! It holds great meaning for the covenants that Walker and Hayley will be entering into, and it also holds great significance for the covenants that their Dad has made through the ordinance of baptism and receiving the Priesthood. Ashley is thrilled with the progress of her family, and they are working toward the temple! They will be an eternal family in no time!!

On Monday evening I recalled a potential investigator that Sister Williams and I met 6 months ago. We were at a gas station fueling our car one evening and the gas pump we were at wouldn't print our receipt. We rushed inside quickly to get a receipt from the cashier, her name was C________l. She immediately asked us about the significance of our nametags. We explained our role and purpose as missionaries and her response was, "I have never heard of your church." She had a plethora of questions so we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she gave us her information so we could teach her more.

We never contacted her again. She never answered the phone or the door. We were never sure if she was avoiding us or if we simply missed her every time.

Then we left Fairmont.

None of the following Sisters were able to contact her.

As we drove by her apartment last week I felt impressed to stop and just knock on her door. As we pulled into her parking lot and said a prayer of faith, I plead with the Lord to be able to contact C______ once again and to be able to do His will. We stepped out of the car, approached her door, and knocked with a friendly rhythm. And waited. We knocked once more. And waited. And then she answered!! We had a great reunion as we recognized each other! She asked us to come back the next day and we taught her the restoration lesson. She loved all that we taught, especially the manifestation of God's love through Prophets in every dispensation. The following Saturday we returned with a member of our ward and taught C______ with her husband and their three beautiful children. The gospel will be a great blessing in their family.

I am thankful for the Lord's orchestration in His eternal work. There is purpose in everything we do!!

I love this work and I love the Lord!!

Sister Shumway

This is a pet racoon....what else might you find deep in the Hollars?

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