Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gospel Cravings!

Being a missionary is the greatest blessing! We have an investigator who has many great questions for us, which are all answered in the Book of Mormon, but this individual has a very hard heart. This results in our answers being rejected although the truth is clear. It is sad to witness someone who is longing for truth in the depths of their soul, but who has constructed a wall around their heart. The wall prevents the Holy Ghost from testifying of truth, which also prevents conversion.

This week we had a great lesson with our hard-hearted investigator. Sister Williams and I felt that we needed to teach the restoration again and focus on the foundational principles and importance of the restoration. A recent convert in our ward came to the lesson with us and shared powerful personal experiences. As we focused on Joseph Smith's experience in the sacred grove, the Spirit bore undeniable witness that Joseph Smith was indeed called of God as the prophet of the restoration. Suddenly something was different. Our investigator's countenance began to change, not dramatically, but subtly. Conversion is a gradual and lifelong process, but the beginning of it is the first step in eternity. 

As a missionary I have learned that as we live righteously and maintain good thoughts, the Spirit will speak to us continually through our thoughts. It is very difficult to discern which thoughts really are the Spirit and which ones may not be the Spirit. 

I have learned to go with every good thought I have

For example: A couple days ago as Sister Williams and I were coming home at the end of the day, we realized that our car needed gas. As we passed a huge gas station I had the thought to get gas there, so at the last possible second (we were practically passing the entrance) I exclaimed, "Let's go there!" Sister Williams slammed on the brakes and turned sharply into the gas station. Giggling because of our graceful entrance, we pulled up to a gas pump and acknowledged a sudden craving we both had for an Odwalla fruit juice. 

We debated whether or not we should purchase a juice. But when the car was filled, we scurried into the gas station. Sister Williams sped to the wall of drinks and I idled at the door, watching her. I hardly noticed the quiet woman at the cashier until she asked me about my name tag. (Missionaries LOVE questions like that!) I began explaining our purpose as missionaries with enthusiasm when she suddenly asked, "Can I come to your church?" GOLDEN!!!!!! 

 After a few moments of conversations Sister Williams and I frolicked to our car to grab an extra Book of Mormon. Upon returning to the counter in the gas station we began to teach her about the Book of Mormon and about latter day prophets. She loved the gospel truths that the Spirit testified of as we explained the simple gospel message of faith and hope. We are eager to continue teaching her.

Lesson Learned: I will never turn down a craving for an Odwalla juice. 

Life is beautiful and the gospel is true! I love y'all!

Sister Shumway

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