Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Sister Williams

Transfers were great, we had 32 incoming missionaries! 16 Sisters and 16 Elders - it was the biggest transfer in the history of the West Virginia Charleston mission!  My trainee is Sister Williams! She is from Monahans Texas! After the transfer meeting, Sister Williams and I were given a box of missionary supplies, a set of keys to a brand new 2013 Subaru Legacy, and told to go to work in Buckhannon! 
Sister Larkin and our trainees!

We loaded our luggage into our shnazzy new car and stood there for a moment. No GPS. No map. No apartment address. No idea where to go. We didn't even know where Buckhannon was! I knew that it was 1 1/2 hours North/East of Charleston.... and that was it. We laughed for a few minutes and then as the parking lot began to empty we said, "Ok seriously. Where are we going?!" It was one of the most comical moments I have experienced as a missionary!

Sister Williams and I visited all the way to Buckhannon. President told us that the Spirit had made it very clear to him that I needed her and that she needed me, so Sister Williams and I have set some great transfer goals and we are anticipating some wonderful miracles as we diligently work in faith!
We arrived late Thursday afternoon to discover that Buckhannon is an amazing place! It is a sweet little town, and it is very old. All the houses and buildings are classy and look antique - we love it here! When we arrived we did not waste any time. We dropped our suitcases in the apartment and walked outside. We introduced ourselves to a man sitting on his porch, and we soon discovered that he is a less active member of our ward! He knew more about the area and the ward members than we did! It was exciting to contact a less-active member of the ward right away.
Sunday was a remarkable day! We walked into the church building Sunday morning and were immediately enveloped in the arms of the ward. About 3 months ago the ward was told that a set of Sister missionaries would be arriving in August, and they have been anticipating our appearance since then. I have never felt so much excitement and love; we were embraced, squeezed and patted on the back by nearly every member of the congregation. Squeals of delight and exclamations of joy filled the chapel. The Bishop beamed at us from the pulpit as sacrament meeting began and proudly introduced us to the ward.
Sunday night President Pitt called us and told me that we had a marvelous baptism in Pikeville Saturday night. F_____ is the newest member of the Pikeville Branch! I was greatly saddened that I missed his baptism by only a couple days, but my joy and excitement for himfar outweigh my selfish sorrow! 

Sister Shumway

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