Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter from a Member

Hello, Brother & Sister Shumway!
Your truly have THE neatest daughter in the entire world.  She is SO gifted in SO many ways (again, I am sure you are totally aware!)  Her gifts have blessed Pikeville and this little branch like you wouldn't believe.  This girl is truly packed with power!  She just has the most pleasing personality and the gift to draw everyone to her.  Her testimony is amazing. . .the work she is doing is hard. . .and she is so positive about it!  I am just praying that she doesn't leave this next transfer!!!  We have just come to love her SO MUCH. . .like she is our own!!!  (Can we just keep her?!!)  Truthfully, I hope my daughters are just like her someday. . .she is so wise (beyond her years) and so knowledgeable in the gospel. . .and despite her challenges with her back (bless her sweet heart), she pushes forward with a huge smile. . .you would never know the pain she was in!  Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us here in Eastern Kentucky!  There are simply not words enough to describe how truly magnificent she is. . .I am continually in awe of how incredible she is!  And truth be told. . .I wish I had the knowledge and wisdom that she has. . .and her Christlike heart.  . I WANT to be just like her!  

Thank your for raising SUCH a valiant spirit!  I am in need of all of your secrets!   I want my kids to be as awesome as your children!! I just love you already!  Have a wonderful day!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sister Capener

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