Monday, July 29, 2013


This week Sister Ostler and I really focused on our prayers and on exercising faith as we pray SPECIFICALLY for our investigators. We witnessed some incredible miracles as a result of it! We taught one lesson in particular where we felt the Spirit powerfully leading the lesson, he was definitely the senior companion that day! That's how it should always be! Sister Ostler and I relied on prayer a lot as we prepared for this lesson. 

We taught about the importance of not procrastinating the day of repentance and baptism, and that those who have greater light and knowledge will suffer severely greater condemnation if they do not act on the knowledge they have and the witnesses they have received. Sister Ostler and I were very nervous that we would offend our investigator, but as a missionary you HAVE to be bold - we are representatives of Jesus Christ, and I don't think he sugar coated any of His doctrine; he taught boldly, truthfully, and in love.

Sister Ostler and I were nervous as we started the lesson, but we taught in faith that the Spirit would guide us. Sure enough, the Spirit kicked in as we read from the Book of Mormon, and throughout the entire lesson Sis and I were able to be very bold, very loving, and we were blessed to witness the Spirit teaching our investigator. It is remarkable to witness the Spirit working within someone's heart and mind. As we taught our investigator, his brow furrowed in humble understanding, and his eyes glistened with recognition of the Holy Ghost. Suddenly we felt a surety that we were no longer teaching him, but that a much greater teacher had taken over. I could see the Spirit working within him, and I could feel the Holy Ghost burning within Sister Ostler and myself. It was an amazing lesson that was not led by us. 

I know that specific prayers are answered with powerful force. Miracles and blessings come as we humbly pray in faith for specific desires on behalf of our investigators. As we humble ourselves and plea with the Lord to help us become soft clay in His hands, and sharp tools in His work, He will fill our minds and we will know exactly how to help our investigators. We are messengers of His gospel, we are His angels on the earth to spread the message of everlasting joy and to bring others unto Christ, but we cannot do that until we understand our purpose and understand the atonement. This work is amazing!! 

A few unexpected things also happened this week. The new missionary training program is 12 weeks, or two transfers.  Sister Oster and I knew that we would be completely safe because the training is a 12 week, two transfer program, and it is very rare to change trainers half way through the program. However, Saturday night, our phone rang. The Zone Leaders told us that we would need to find a ride to transfers. Sis and I freaked out! We had no idea who was leaving, or WHY. I was so scared! We are so sad to be split up because the work is really picking up here in Pikeville, and we are definitely becoming united as a companionship as we teach. We were so sad! We did not expect this AT ALL. Sister Ostler said, "At home when I am mad I tear up paper and throw it on the floor!" So that is what we did!
 Sister Ostler is going to Christiansburg Virginia, and I will be training. He told me that my training would not be completed, but I would be expected to train a new Sister, fresh from the MTC! I am VERY humbled to know that President Pitt and the Lord trust me as an incomplete trainee to be a trainer! I pray that I will be able to fulfill my calling as the Lord wants me to, I will need lots of prayers! Sister "Greeny" will need lots of prayers as well!

 The gospel of Jesus Christ truly has been restored and it is truly led on the earth by a Prophet who has been called of God. If this gospel was not true, it would be impossible for a simple little Sister Missionary like me to begin training after 6 weeks, but because this gospel IS true, and because I KNOW it is true, I know that all things are possible with the atonement of Jesus Christ, and that this is the greatest work I could possibly do at this time in my life. I love KNOWING. That is one thing that we are blessed to have as Latter-day Saints - we don't believe, we KNOW. That is greatest thing to share with these lost sheep here in our little section of Israel called Pikeville Kentucky. The work is great, and I love it! 

Thank you family for your support and love! You are the best! I love you! 

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